Gone Fishin’


The kids really wanted to go fishing this summer. Every time I thought of taking them I kept envisioning a hot day on the lake with no fish and cranky and bored kids. I wanted them to have a positive experience so they learn to enjoy fishing.

Since fishing at the local Bass Pro Shop is frowned upon, we settled for the next best thing…A trout pond. The entrance fee is cheap and the fish are expensive but the kids loved it!

I bought the kids their own pole and we headed to the mountains the next morning. Wendi and I didn’t fish, we helped the little ones cast and reel in the fish. Blake was the big winner with 4 trout. Eric liked catching the fish and watching them flop around. Isabel didn’t like the flopping. She was doing pretty good until one fish had a hook through the eye and blood running down its body, that part grossed her out!

After fishing we had a picnic in the mountains before heading home. Enjoy the pictures

Blake's catch

Eric's Catch

Ewww, it flops!

Learning how to fish

Ready with the net

Was that a nibble?

Hurry up!

Fisherman Eric

Fisherwoman Isabel

One Fish, Two Fish

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4 Responses

  1. Grandma Joyce says:

    What a wonderful experience filled with fun memories.

  2. grandpa gary@grandma kathy says:

    look like a fun day.the kids look great and lie two fishers.looks like eric had to get in a little nap hard day. i bet wendi cleaned and cooked all the fish. :mrgreen:

  3. Aunt Lisa says:

    Where were the trout pond when i was teaching my kids to fish!!!! Every parent should have to go thru hot day, crabby kids and no fish!!! Glad you have fun
    Love ya

  4. Sue Gerdes says:

    Loved the pics, Bud. Keep ’em coming.The kids are so cute. I retired in March and am loving every minute of it! Take care and love to Wendi and the kids

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