Scandal Rocks the Baby Poll!!!

Wendi has rigged the Baby poll!!! A commission was launched to investigate how far the corruption reaches. The Braxton-Hicks Commission concluded that Wendi, Grandma Joyce and Auntie Carol conspired to defraud the family and win the poll outright. Mere hours after Wendi informed Grandma Joyce of the required C-Section; Auntie Carol made a remarkable guess of 17 June, the exact date of the C-section, thus guaranteeing a victory. In her testimony before the commission Grandma Joyce was quoted as saying “Oh, you little stinker, you”. The full 617 page Braxton-Hicks Commission report will be available at your local bookseller next week.

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1 Response

  1. grandpa gary@grandma kathy says:

    and here i thought only our congress was corrupt. have you no shame. good luck daughter. love you/////// 😆