New Front Yard

Most people think of spring as the start of something new. The flowers are in bloom, cute, fuzzy baby animals frolick in the woods and the last of the snow melts away. And then there’s autumn… the leaves fall to the ground, the grass turns brown and the snow coats the land.

But not here baby! This year we decided to make everything old new again! With the help of local landscaping company and Wendi’s sharp eye for detail we striped the front yard and gave it a face lift.

Below are the before and after pictures…

House view Before and After

House view Before and After

Street view Before and After

Side Before and After

The kids helped us transplant some of the plants we wanted to save. They also found time to play around. We were able to save some plants and reuse the drift wood and rocks in the yard. Turns out we had over 40 rocks in the yard!!

We ripped out the bushes along the front sidewalk and cleaned out all the plants around the mailbox and house. On the south side, in between our driveway and the neighbors we cleaned out the mulch rock and weeds.

So what was added? We put a sprinkler system and sod in the front yard. Wood mulch on the north side, against the house and in the mailbox area. The driveway area was a mix of rock and wood mulch with a fruitless crab apple tree, zebra grass and some plants. All the big rocks and drift wood are reused from the old yard. Enjoy the rest of the picture…

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  1. gary w ekborg says:

    wow that makes abig change. it looks good you all did agreat job. makes the house look 100% new. great job. looks like you had sone litte helper to. 8)