Christmas Tree

We’ve had the tree up for about a week and finally found time to get all the decorations on! The kids were antsy as the grown-ups wrapped it in lights. Once the ornaments came out they were on a mission!

With a little help from mom, dad and a step stool all the ornaments were placed on the tree.

In other big news Isabel would like everyone to know that today she LOST HER FIRST TOOTH! That’s right, after 7 long years of waiting (yes she has been waiting since day one) she lost a tooth. It was the lower, middle right tooth. It starting getting loose earlier this week and today was the lucky day.

I’m sure the tooth fairy will find her way to the house tonight. The picture was pre-lost tooth.

Kids and Christmas Tree

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1 Response

  1. grandpa says:

    say you two look good under that tree. i bet you two had a good christmas.. love granpa&grandma@neta 🙄

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