Best Super Bowl EVER!!

Super Bowl 48 banner
30+ years in the making and we finally have the best Super Bowl EVER! Seahawks v. Broncos!!! As kids Lisa and I would always root against each other. But since the Seahawks and Broncos were in the same division they could never play against each other in the Super Bowl.

That’s all changed now. And today it’s our Super Bowl!! And may the Seahawks win!!!!!!

The kids are ready for the game…

At least the snowman got it right!!!

Super Bowl 489

I’ll be back soon to gloat in the comment section!

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10 Responses

  1. grandpa says:

    best super bowl i have seen it was great to see the seahawks to win. yea seahawks/////// by the way you too with the snowman look good on my sreecnsaver. love ya 🙂 😆

  2. Gary says:

    It was ugly! The airlines must have lost the #1 offense somewhere over Omaha!!! 🙂

  3. Aunt Lisa says:

    well one EKBORG had to go down!! Guess it was me this time! Nice win Seahwaks, Finally!! 😉

  4. Aunt Lisa says:

    LOL UNLOVED.. And not sure how all the questions marks showed up!!

  5. Aunt Lisa says:

    Feeling u loved by my son and knew my mom was a traditor!!!!????????????????????????????????????
    But Denver will have last laugh!!????????????????

  6. Seahawks says:

    8-0 Seahawks after the first!!!!

  7. Grandma D. says:

    This is the family rival game. I have already been called a traditor. HA! HA! I went for the BEST TEAM – GO SEAHAWKS. 😆 😆 No favoritism here Lisa.

  8. Mom Swanson says:

    I had to call Ruth to show off my 2 super football fans.

  9. Colin says:

    I hope both teams lose and I can say my team has actually won a Super Bowl during my lifetime but then I forgot my mom is old as dirt and was alive back when the Broncos won!

  10. Aunt Lisa says:

    Yes best Super Bowl every for the EKBORG Family.. This is awesome just wish we were watching togerher!!
    GO BRONCOS!!!!!