Renaissance Weekend

Renaissance FestivalWe had a jam packed weekend. On Saturday Isabel had a birthday party at the putt-putt golf course. She even managed to get a hole-in-one! Then we went to the birthday girls house for some hamburgers, hot dogs and more playing.

On Sunday we headed south to medieval Europe. I bet you didn’t know there was a hole in the fabric of the universe just 50 miles south of Denver. Well there is, at least for 8 weekends in the summer. We survived the middle ages and headed back to Denver for the Dragon Boat Festival. Isabel and Eric enjoyed watching the dragon boats race and dancing to the taiko drums.

Enjoy the pictures–>

Feeding the Llama

Riding a pony

Stand Back, Elepahnt Crossing

Whoa big fella!

Riding in comfort

Listening to the music

Checkin' out the wenches

Sittin' in the shade

Ready for the ride!

This boat is flying!

The Queen

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