The big 0-5

Isabel turned 5 this year! She invited some of her friends to go mini-golfing at the local course. Then of course she tore into her presents!

Here are the pictures. As always you can click on them to make them bigger.

Isabel admiring her cake. And no, that’s not her Coors Light in the picture!

And here she is with her friends having a good time before the cake is cut. Of course Isabel doesn’t like cake! So mom got her a cupcake ‘cake’ which is OK I guess.

Eric didn’t want to be left out of the action so he got up on the table. There was no dancing though, he leaves that for his aunts!

The kids are lined up and ready to go golfing. Mere moments after this picture was taken total chaos broke out and the kids never returned to an orderly state! Well not until it was time for cake.

The star golfer!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The Presents!

Thanks to everyone who gave her a gift.

The Mosaic Jewelry Box

Bead Set

Barbie Doll


These two in the same picture as the game Trouble…irony?

Eric was very helpful when it came to unwrapping the presents.

One of her favorite toys. Did you know there is no plural form of LEGO. It’s not LEGOS or LEGI, it’s just LEGO. We learned that little bit of trivia while helping build the Sponge Bob Square Pants LEGO sculpture. You’ll have to wait until later this month to hear about that though…

The cool LEGO Head used to store and sort LEGOs. (Just because their is no plural doesn’t mean I can’t make one up!)

My new bed!

Isabel grew out of her toddler bed over the last 2 years so we bought her a twin sized bed. She was VERY excited about having a big girl bed.

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3 Responses

  1. Mom Swanson says:

    That’s your not you!

  2. Mom Swanson says:

    What a party. I loved that birthday 5 cake. Gary you, got to be careful with those empties! Love you mother-in-law? 😆

  3. Maria Fuller says:

    You two have one adorable looking family. I know that I’ll get to meet them. I know that I’m gonna love them and that they will love me too. You see, I speak kid. Ha. Maria

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