Izzi Crushed the Murph!

Memorial Day has become a day of relaxing by the pool, BBQ cookouts and mattress sales?? The true meaning often gets overlooked. It’s not a day to celebrate all Veterans, that’s Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is to honor the men and women who died in service to their country.

While the rest of us relaxed on Memorial Day, Izzi and her friend Karlee were up early to participate in the Murph Challenge. The Murph Challenge is named after Navy SEAL Micheal Murphy who created the workout while on deployment in Afghanistan. It consists of a one mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and finished off with another mile run all while wearing a 20 lb weight vest.

Izzi Murph '24
Murph ’24

Murphy was killed on 28 June 2005 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings. For his courage and selflessness during the Battle of Abbas Ghar Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.The movie Lone Survivor is an account of Operation Red Wings and the actions of the men that day. It’s a fantastic movie and one everyone should watch.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy
Lt. Michael P. Murphy

After Murphy’s death the workout started spreading thorugh the SEAL Teams and was featured as a Work Out of the Day (WOD) by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman in late 2005. And then the Murph Challenge was born.

In honor of Lt. Micheal P. Murphy, ever Memorial Day the Murph Challenge is held at CrossFit gyms across America. It’s a great way to honor all men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Izzi and Karlee opted not to wear the 20 lb weight vest for the challenge this year.

Great job girls for finishing the Murph Challenge in one hour!

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