ekBlog has gone mobile!

If you have a Smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry or any cell phone that you can surf the internet with, you can now log onto frostmoon.com and get a mobile version of the blog. I have only been able to test it with my phone (Windows based smartphone; Samsung Blackjack II) but it seems to work rather well. I will test it later this weekend on a Blackberry Pearl and see how it looks. I do not have access to an iPhone, if any one would like to donate 16GB 3G iPhone I would humbly accept…anyone…anyone…

(additional data charges may apply, if you are charged contact Wendi, not me!)

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1 Response

  1. Greg Ekborg says:

    I got an iPhone Gary, the new 3G. Your site works great, pictures and all load well. Did you use IP Touch Plug in? Thats what I used on the ekborgfamily.com site. Its pretty cool. Makes surfing the site nice when on the go.