Family Vacation: The Travel Day


Every vacation starts out with the anticipation and then traveling to the location before you can kick back and unwind. Ours started on a rainy Colorado morning but the sunny beaches of Hawaii where mere hours away! But the kids were pumped up!


After breakfast we packed the bags and headed to the airport. Everyone was excited to get on the plane and fly over the ocean!



Little did they know that it would take around 9 hours of travel to get there. The iPods were charged and the bags were full of travel games and books.


We left Denver about 3pm and landed in Honolulu around midnight Denver time. Spirits were still high while waiting for the shiuttle bus to deliver us to the rental car. It was still early in Honolulu, only 8pm! We still had time to hit the city, if we could stay awake.


It was dark out so we decided to go to the hotel and pass out! Here is wait we saw in the morning!

Blake Diamond Head

Day 1 in Hawaii was spent visiting the east side of the island. Stay tuned for pictures of beaches and sand castles!

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3 Responses

  1. Mom Swanson says:

    Hawaii ❓ 8) Love those grandkids. What nice experience their getting.
    Love…….Mom Joyce

  2. gary says:

    hey bud you can see who toke the pictures/// looks like travel day was not to bab. love ya all 😆

  3. Lon says:

    Nice view of Diamondhead.