All Dogs Go To Heaven

R.I.P. Finley Dog 2000-2011

Laying around

A little over 2 years ago we had a cancerous tumor removed from Finley’s leg. The vet said it would come back in 6-9 months and most likely attack the internal organs. We noticed the first new lump back in October, exactly 2 years from the surgery. As fall turned to winter more lumps appeared. The vet said it was Lymphoma Sarcoma and it was throughout his body. He was very active through Christmas and the New Year even with the lumps growing.

About two weeks ago he started breathing harder and not eating hard food. So we made the switch to soft food, any soft food, rice, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, puppy food, whatever he would eat was allowed. It was a quick decline over the two weeks. He wasn’t eating much, he didn’t walk well and had trouble with the stairs. Every breath was a struggle. After a lot of deliberation and tears we made the hard decision.

Today, 02 March 2011, in the backyard under the warm winter sun and surrounded by Wendi, Gary, Blake, and Aunt Lisa, our best friend Finley died. It’s a calming, albeit heartbreaking process. The vet gives him a sedative and he falls into a peaceful sleep. Almost immediately his hard breathing turned into a restful, smooth cadence. The next drug eases all the pain as it takes him from us. We are confident he is romping around the heavenly meadows with his brother Cozmo, rolling in dirt and chasing squirrels. This time they may actually catch some!

Here are some pictures of our Finley Dog…

Out hiking

Lickin' Blake

No pictures...

Man that's a lot of snow!

More snow

3 stooges


Building a new dog house

Baking in the hot sun!

Finley and Cozmo camping

Scooby-Doo Impression

Ready for the hike

Let's go guys!

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5 Responses

  1. Mom D says:

    So sorry for your lost of a very important family member. My heart is with you all. Now Blake you continue with your own walks after school. It’s good exercise.

    Love you All

    Mom D.

  2. Joyce Swanson says:

    Dear ones our hearts go out to you!


  3. Uncle Dennis says:

    Gee my old dog sitting buddy is gone. I am so sorry for your loss guys but he is now running around and being the crazy dog that he was with his bro Cosmo. Mis you guys alot.
    Love you all.
    Uncle D

  4. aunt lisa says:

    I’m very sad as well. He will be missed. It is the hardest thing to say goodbye but the most unselfish thing for finley. He is so much happier and get to see cosmo as well. We love finley and miss him lots.

  5. Tami says:

    I am so sorry about your loss. Having recently gone through it with Toby, I completely feel for you. At least now Finley is feeling no pain and having a blast running around with Cosmo (who I am sure is happy to have his old friend back!).
    Love you guys!!
    Tami and Tom