Basement 2.0


Over the long Thanksgiving weekend we decided to try something different in the basement. Right now it is still the awesome 70s wood paneling. Since we don’t have the time or ambition to completely gut it and start over with drywall we tried our hand at wall texture. ‘They’ make a texture that you can spread on with a roller and it is supposed to cover up the old wall. The key phrase is ‘supposed to’. It really didn’t work that well, at least not with a roller. Once Wendi started using a sponge and rubbing on the texture it went a lot faster. Once the texture was applied we added paint. Then came the major challenge, re-arranging the furniture. Check out the pictures and come over sometime to see it in person. It does look a lot better!

And if you are wondering we were able to eat some turkey, well actually Cornish game hens and mashed potatoes. Isabel was sick and had a fever most of the weekend so she was laying around.


Cleaning up

Isabel hanging out

The Three Stooges

Applying the texture with the roller

Using the sponge method

Painting the wall

Walls are done!

The new layout

I don't feel well


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  1. Grandma Joyce says:

    Anxious to see this project!

    Sounds like a good 💡