The Harvest

Isabel and the Tomato Plants

Today’s post is a little later than it should be due to the fantastic weather! It was sunny and in the high 40’s today, I know what you’re thinking, not really December weather. Here’s a little tidbit to really rub it in. Denver tied the record high on Friday, 03 Dec, it reached 69 degrees!! Enough about our wonderful weather, as some of you are sitting back in the Mid-West thawing out your coffee just to read this post!

As the summer came to an end we harvested the last of our plants. We were able to eat tomatoes throughout the summer with out having to buy any! That alone was worth the garden. Isabel especially loved to pick the cherry tomatoes and then eat them immediately. Needless to say those didn’t make it to the table very often.

During the summer Isabel’s school had theme weeks. One week was dedicated to plants and they took a field trip to the local greenhouse. The greenhouse gave all the kids a tomato plant! Isabel was in charge of her plant, she had to water it, weed it and make sure it had enough sun light. With Isabel’s care and some help from the parents that plant produce one red tomato and two green tomatoes. I have never seen Isabel so excited or so proud about anything as she was of that one tomato she grew! She ate it that night for supper.

The other pictures are from the jumbo peppers and onions. The peppers were called Goliath peppers but they didn’t really live up to there name. And you’re going to have to wait one more day for the final tally of the garden.

Enjoy the pictures…

A tomato!

Picking the fruits of her labor

Like what I made!

Giant vegetables!

Mini Veggies

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2 Responses

  1. grandpa gary@grandma kathy. neta says:

    Isabel Isable how your garden grow looks good to me at least you got one.. i got o on my three.. good job

  2. Mom D says:

    So precious. The family future Master Gardner. 😛