Great Barrier Reef

Looking back at the lack of posts on the site I realized I never posted any of the pictures from out trip to Australia! We found ‘cheap’ tickets and headed Down Under for Spring Break 2017.

The kids (and adults) had an amazing time! We stayed with friends in Sydney and took a trip up to Queensland to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I’m not sure the kids could tell you their favorite part, there were so many favorites! Like the field of 200-300 kangaroos! Lounging around like cows in the mid-west.

Or the ‘Flying foxes’ that come out every night….they aren’t foxes…they are giant BATS! They have a 5-6 foot wing span. It’s something to see hundreds of them in the sky like a flock of geese…only they will come down and suck your blood! (not really, but probably)

I know one of their favorite experiences was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef! It is amazing! You can be swimming along with the coral 6 inches below you, trying not to touch it. Then a few feet later, it drops away and is 30 feet below you.

You’ll notice the black swim suits we wore. It was Stinger season (jelly fish) when we were there. We took the precaution of wearing the suits instead of getting stung.


Suited up and ready to go!

Snorkeling is hard work…sometimes you need a rest

Fins below

Turtles are clumsy and slow on land. But in the water they are graceful and amazing to watch!

We took a ride in a glass bottom boat to rest from all the swimming

Family selfie on the boat

The video below is what we saw. It’s a bit shaky due to fighting the waves, swimming and holding on to Eric….but it is good nonetheless! The amount of fish is incredible! (You can click on the square box in the lower right corner of the video to watch it in full screen mode)

Check out our snorkeling video!

Enjoy the picture gallery below. Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger!

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  1. Joyce Swanson says:

    What a wonderful adventure for the family. Wonderful memories.

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