Dinger, the Rockies mascot

There’s nothing like spending a warm summer night at the ballpark. The Rockies got off to a great start in April! Then they started a long 5 month downward spiral to finish third in their division.

We went to a few games this year. Thanks to inter-league play, which I still hate, we were able to catch the Tigers of Detroit on Father’s Day. As an added Bonus Justin Verlander was pitching! That’s right the AL Cy Young and MVP winner was right here in Denver. And boy did the Rockies get a lesson that day. Verlander pitched a great game, holding the Rockies to 4 hits and only 1 run. Oh wait I’m supposed to cheer for the Rockies, yeah well this year there wasn’t much to cheer for…

The Rockies mascot is Dinger, a purple triceratops. Dinger is also another term for a home run, so that makes sense for his name. But why a triceratops you ask? When they were building Coors Field they found a 7-foot, 1,000 pound triceratops skull right where home plate is located! There was a movement to name the ballpark “Jurassic Park”. In the end I guess Coors gave more money to someone and the park is named Coors Field.

Anyhow, during the third inning you can go and get a picture with Dinger. Which is what we did, but not at the Tigers game. These photos were taking late in the year when the dreaded Giants were in town.

Boys and Dinger

Girls and Dinger

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  1. Maria Fuller says:

    I guess the question begged to be asked is; Did the triceratop help with the biceptor-top. Looks like it did. Ha. Maria