Winter 2010 School Pictures

Double Trouble

It is that time of year again…School pictures! I did not post the high resolution files due to their size. Contact me or Wendi if you want the hi-res files for printing.

Enjoy the pictures –>


Eric Outdoors Portrait

Eric Portrait

Eric sitting outside


Isabel Portrait

Isabel leaning on the rock

Isabel sitting by the rock

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4 Responses

  1. carrigan says:

    o an i 4 got to say eric looks like he is going to cry

  2. carrigan schmitt says:

    they are so cute cant wait to c them at yester and blake tell them i love them o and cant wait to u and wendi to 😉

  3. Grandma Joyce says:

    Nice pictures. Isabel looks like between 4 and 5 yers old. Eric looks all boy and cute as can be! Love them both so much!

  4. grandpa gary@grandma kathy says:

    WOW two good looking kids there. like you say double trouble. but very cute///////// love ya. 😛