8 months old!!

Wooly Mammoth!

Blake was visiting his mom for the weekend so we loaded up the youngsters and headed to the Colorado Home and Garden show. There are hundreds of great vendors with lots of super cool BBQ patios, hot tubs and great landscaping ideas. Isabel was able to play on the massive playground equipment that was setup. There was also a little oasis with a giant armadillo, a saber tooth tiger and the wooly mammoth behind us.

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Eric refuses to go to sleep if there is any activity going on around him. So when he does sleep, he sleeps very hard and in some crazy positions. On Monday he fell asleep sitting up in his crib with his head pressed against the bars.

Lean and Rest

Please lay me down

That's gonna leave a mark!

And now the moment you have all been waiting for…Eric’s 8 month old pictures!! Enjoy

I'm 8 months!!

Spoon fed

My Little Bro!

Me and my big sis

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4 Responses

  1. carrigan schmkit says:

    he is so cute cant wait to see him love your cousin carrigan 😉

  2. grandpa gary@grandma kathy says:

    😛 wow” has he grow up in 8months. him and sis look like in time,them too are going to be a tean of we can do any thing…. he has that look of a little get in to everything. two good looking grandkids. love,grandpa& grandma

  3. Grandma Joyce says:

    Eight months, how that time does fly! PLEASE LAY ME DOWN, Reminds me of Hart. I see that look alot in his easy chair! It seems like he’s one smart cookie, cute too!

    Grandma Joyce

  4. Vicki says:

    You have clones of each other! Wow standing up! I bet Eric is a little dare devil. How did he get the badge of honor under his eye?

    Love Aunt V

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